Welcome to LimeCall

Welcome to LimeCall. Our platform and widget allow you to engage with your website visitors instantly and seamlessly in using web and mobile browsers or schedule a call instantly through ‘Click to Call’, ‘Call back Automation’ and intelligent ‘Lead Distribution’ with the latest integrations. Creating a seamless experience for your site visitors, by allowing them to stay engaged with you even after they have left your website.
It is a lead management, callback solution and omni-channel solution that enables you to install a widget on your website, mobile app or any digital platform which visitors can use to instantly connect with your team without hassles and disruptions.
  • Receive instant phone calls/web calls from your website visitors
  • Allow your website visitors to schedule a call, book a meeting or submit a contact form
  • Connect your favourite messaging apps
  • Connect using SMS chat
  • Receive instant lead notifications/calls on mobile/app or phone
  • Distribute calls and leads to the right rep and team based on several criteria such as geo/language and skill
  • You can integrate the software with your calendar app like Google Calendar so your team won’t miss any important appointments and follow-up activities.
  • Instant new lead alerts. One-touch calls, WhatsApp, SMS, or email. Easy lead management and sharing. All from your phone, in seconds
  • Showcase your brand with external link placeholders within your widget

Ways to integrate LimeCall to receive leads/calls?

  1. 3.
    Using your existing website contact forms/lead forms
  2. 4.
    Using any external platform forms such as Wix, Shopify, WordPress etc
  3. 5.
    From Facebook / Google Lead Ads and TikTok
  4. 8.
    ​From webhook ​

Ways to manage inbound leads/calls

We're here to help!

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