⬇️Step 7 | Personalize Your Widget

Let's look at how to style and personalize your widget to suit your brand.

Fully customise the appearance of your widget to reflect your brand and website.

Here are some tips on how to customize your widget to match your brand design:

  • Use your brand colors: Use your brand colors in the widget's design to create a consistent look and feel. You can do this by changing the colour of the widget's background, buttons, and text.

  • Select your fonts: Use a font in the widget's text to create a cohesive look. You can do this by changing the font of the widget.

  • Use your brand logo: Add your brand logo to the widget to make it instantly recognizable. You can do this by adding a logo image to the widget's header.

  • Use your brand style guide: If you have a brand style guide, use it to ensure that your widget's design is consistent with your overall brand identity.

General Settings

Customize your widget with zero coding and provide personalized resolutions to your customers!

The widget's basic settings include:

  • Widget Name - Easily identify the widget by naming it.

  • Email Notification - Displays the Admin email all notifications are sent

  • Logo - Add your Logo, this will appear in the header of your widget and within the call back channel

  • Language - Set your preferred language

  • Business Email - will only accept business verified emails

  • Call Recording - Enables call recording for all calls

  • Visitor Timezone - Show a timezone drop-down to the visitor (it would effect the available time for call schedule)

  • Status - Set status of the widget visibility on your website

  • Global offline callback - Enable visitors from all countries to request an offline callback

  • Automatic Callback - Enable automatic phone callback

  • Date & Time Formatting - Choose your preferred format

Widget Themes

LimeCall has 5 exciting widget themes, each with various functions.

Let's take a look at each here

Design & Customization

Styling your widget so it perfectly reflects your brand and site.

Check out how to fully customise your widget here

Check out our quick tutorial

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or support@limecall.com

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