Managing Leads

Here's how to manage the leads using LimeCall's Agent Dashboard

Log in to your Agent Dashboard

The Agent Dashboard Homepage displays:

  • My Stats - Agent's leads and scheduled calls

  • Lead Stats - Pending, assigned and qualified leads

  • Call Stats - Answered, outbound, missed and voicemails

  • Scheduled Calls - Upcoming, past and cancelled

Select the 'Leads' button in the navigation bar.

Leads sections are:

  • Pending - Leads that have yet to be assigned an owner.

  • Assigned - Leads that have been assigned to a person or team.

  • Closed - Leads that have been reviewed, actioned, and closed.

  • Mine - Your leads

  • All - All leads.

Preview leads and use quick action buttons.

  • Send SMS - Opens SMS box to send message

  • Call - Opens dialer, pre-populates number to initiate call

  • Callback - To begin a CallBack

  • Schedule a Call - Select a time and date to schedule a call with the lead

  • Delete - To delete the lead

Other quick action buttons include:

  • Spam - Marking a lead as spam with close the lead

  • Claim - This will assign the lead to yourself

  • Transfer - Choose a team member to handle the lead

  • Status - Set the lead status to Pending, Assigned, Closed, Qualified

Select the lead to open the lead in full view to.

You're able to mark the lead as good or bad fit.

View the number of times the lead has visited your site, number of leads, Callbacks and missed calls.

Update the Owner, Lead Status, and Lead Interest.

View all call and lead data, review and add notes, lead insights, settings and logs.

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

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