Personal Settings

Here we will a guide to your personal settings, with each section explained.

Your personal settings are specific to each user. You'll find settings for Account information, notifications, call forwarding, working hours and calendars and why it's important to configure each section.

In this section we look at:

  • Personal Account

  • Notifications

  • Call Forwarding

  • Working Hours

  • Calendars

Personal Settings

Keep your personal information up to date, so you're able to receive notifications, and how your information is displayed to leads and contacts when communicating with with, and on your My Page.

Change your User name, manage your email address, phone number, timezone and change password.

Keep up to date with the latest activity on your account! Only receive the relevant notifications from the channels of your choosing, by configuring your notifications, you'll never miss another important update or lead.

To set thenotifications which you would like to receive, choose from email, SMS, web, and in app.

Once selected, your preferences will automatically save.

This setting allows you to choose exactly how you wish to receive calls, ensuring you never miss another lead, even when on the go! You're able to choose from receiving calls from your browser, perfect for when you're in the office, to having the calls forwarded to your mobile phone when you're out and about!

Here's to receive incoming calls, from browser, SIP or phone.

You can toggle your preferences on or off at any time.

Read Setup Call Forwarding to add a new number.

We know just how hard you work! Setting your working hours to ensure you only receive calls when you want to provides a perfect work-life balance.

That means you can watch Netflix without being disturbed! (That's not a paid name drop there! The LimePhone team are just Netflix addicted! 😂 )

Setting your personal working hours allows you to receive calls only when you're working.

Let's start...

  • Select your timezone

  • Set your regular working hours

  • Plan holidays or scheduled time away

  • Plan individual breaks into your working days

Integrating your calendar is vital to stay organised, no more double booked meetings or calls. By connecting your calendar, leads will only be able to schedule a call when you're available, the ideal solution to ensuring leads are not disappointed, and keeps scheduled calls within you calendar.

You can integrate your calendar in 3 easy clicks, syncing calls and appointments instantly.

  • Select Add Calendar

  • Your Google Account Page will open.

  • Sign in to your preferred account

  • Select the permission Allow.

  • Your calendar will be automatically synced. Additional configurations include 'check for conflicts' and 'add to calendar'.

Edit Configurations for your calendar settings by selecting the 'edit' button

Perfectly sync your availability by allowing LimeCall and your synced calendar to check for conflicts and prevent double bookings.

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