Auto Response

Why are auto responses important to your business

Lead and customer engagement are key factors for any successful business.

Auto responses are often overlooked, but play a vital part in the process, they encourage engagement and present a level of professionalism within your brand. Sending an instant SMS message to your customer or lead reassures them you've receive their information, and instantly develops a connection.

LimeCall's auto responses allow you to completely customize your approach and message depending on a specific trigger, allow create a sender ID so the lead and customer identifies your business instantly. For example:

Example auto response for missed calls

Hi {Customer_Name} ! Sorry we missed your call at {Company_name}. To schedule a callback please visit {Landing_URL}

Enable auto responses for:

  • Successful Calls

  • Missed Calls

  • Scheduled Appointments

  • Cancelled Appointments

  • Call Reminder (Customer)

  • Call Reminder (Agent)

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