Virtual Numbers

A guide to your Numbers Page

Let's take a complete walk through of your Numbers Page.

Here we look at:

  1. Adding a Virtual number

  2. Managing your Virtual Number

  3. Call Routing and IVR

  4. Forwarding A Number - Assign Your Team

Adding a Virtual number

Please visit your Numbers page

Select 'Add Number'

Choose from 'Local' and 'Toll Free' options

Select 'Country' and 'Region'

Click 'Search'

Choose your new number by clicking 'Add'

Your NEW number will be added to your account!

Managing your Virtual Number

Managing your LimeCall virtual number couldn't be more simple, enabling features such as voicemail and call recording with one click.

Let's take a look around...

Manage the following within Manage Number:

  • Phone Menu

What do you call this number?

We suggest use a unique name that will help you to easily identify this number.

  • Phone Status

Phone number status This feature allows you to enable or disable current number instantly.

  • Call Recording

Activate this feature to get a recording of each inbound and outbound call. The recordings will be saved in your call logs.

  • Users

Share your number with Users. Once you have shared your number, the user can see and use this inbox from the side menu, receive all notifications by default, and view all calls and messages. Use this number to make calls.

  • Notes

Add any additional notes or information relating to your number for internal use.

  • Call Forwarding

Where should we forward incoming calls to?

Tell us where should we route incoming calls made to your number.

IVR Phone menu Configure a custom phone menu for callers can navigate.

Option are triggered by keypad and voice commands, and can route to other team members in you workspace, or even to external phone numbers.

Choose from routing calls to your virtual number to the platform, users, teams, voicemail and IVR.

Check out our detailed Call Flow guide for your ideal call routing.

  • Voicemail

Customize your phone number's voicemail

Control what is played when calls are missed, voicemail delay, and time delay before calls are transferred to voicemail.

  • Greeting Message

Ensure a professional business greeting message with one click.

Example: Hi! Thanks for calling. For sales, press 1 or say sales. For support, press 2 or say support.

  • Hold Music

Enable Hold Music while callers are on hold, callers will hear music which you can choose. Use the default music or to customise, uploaded files can be a maximum of 3MB in size. Accepted file formats: mp3, aiff, wav, flac.

  • Call Transcripts

Enable call transcripts to read details from your calls without the need to listen to the entire call recording.

  • Business Hours

Set office hours during which people can call your phone number. Outside of the office hours, the caller will hear an announcement, and if enabled will then be diverted to voicemail.

Choose your businesses timezone and your business hours.

Review or customize your 'After hours voicemail' message which is played when calls are missed after business hours/

  • Auto Response

Enable SMS auto replies after call.

This will send an automated text message at the end of each call that is fully customizible for the following triggers:

  1. Auto replies after call

  2. Auto replies after missed call

  3. Auto replies after incoming SMS

  4. Auto replies after non business hours SMS

  5. Auto replies after non business hours calls

  6. Auto replies after non business hours voicemail

  • Webhook URL

Add a URL webhook linked to link your number.

  • Delete Phone Number

By deleting your phone number you will lose access to all messages and calls to your number.

Important note

This can only be accessed by Admin Users, each number is managed individually.

Call Routing and IVR

Go to Numbers and select 'Manage'.

Scroll to 'Where should we forward incoming calls?'

Select from the following:

  • Platform

  • Team

  • User

  • Voicemail

  • IVR

Using the drop down boxes, configure the route of calls.

Changes will automatically be updated and saved.

Important Information

This function is only available to Admin Users

Forwarding a Number - Assign Your Team

To do this go to Numbers

Select 'Manage'

Share number with users / teams

Select 'call forwarding'

You've successfully assigned your number to your users or teams.

Important Information

This action can only be performed by Admin roles. Please ensure your users and teams are assigned to the relevant number to receive and make calls

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