🆕Customize the Widget to your brand design

Let's look at how to style and personalize your widget to suit your brand.

Fully customise the appearance of your widget to reflect your brand and website.

Here are some tips on how to customize your widget to match your brand design:

  • Use your brand colors: Use your brand colors in the widget's design to create a consistent look and feel. You can do this by changing the colour of the widget's background, buttons, and text.

  • Select your fonts: Use a font in the widget's text to create a cohesive look. You can do this by changing the font of the widget.

  • Use your brand logo: Add your brand logo to the widget to make it instantly recognizable. You can do this by adding a logo image to the widget's header.

  • Use your brand style guide: If you have a brand style guide, use it to ensure that your widget's design is consistent with your overall brand identity.

By following these tips, you can create a widget that matches your brand design and creates a seamless experience for your visitors.

Here are some additional tips for customizing your widget to match your brand design:

  • Use high-quality images and graphics: Using high-quality images and graphics in your widget will make it look more professional and polished.

  • Keep your widget design simple and uncluttered: Too much text or low quality images can make your widget look cluttered and overwhelming. Focus on including the most important information and using a simple, clean design.

  • Test your widget on different devices: Make sure your widget looks good and functions properly on all devices, including desktop, smartphones, and tablets.

By following these tips, you can create a widget that is both visually appealing and functional.

Let's customize the Widget to your brand design

  • Go to "Widget"

  • Select "Design your brand style"

  • Widget Font - Select the font most reflective of your brand

  • CTA button colour - The main CTA call now button as shown.

  • Background colour - Change the background colour of your widget, selecting the colour of the background also reflects the colour of the bottom menu buttons as shown.

  • Timer colour - Shown when call is initiated.

  • CTA Call later button colour - Shown on the Callback option as shown

Whitelabel - Enable white labeling by removing the Limecall Branding on your widget. This is only available on selected plans.

Brand Logo - Add your brand logo, this will appear in the Header of the widget and within the image section on the callback section, as shown below.

To test your newly added channel, select "Widget Preview" displayed in the header menu.

You can preview the changes you make to the Widget on the preview page, this is a live change which will be displayed once you select "SAVE".

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or support@limecall.com

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