Lead Routing

Intelligent lead routing made simple with LimeCall

What is Lead Routing?

Lead distribution is the process of assigning inbound leads to different sales reps as soon as they contact the business. It ensures matching each lead to a relevant sales rep who is the best fit to close the deal.

Why should you care about lead response times?

Lead distribution is extremely important because it will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the sales process. It ensures that the leads are assigned to the right sales reps at the right time. Lead distribution also helps you reach the leads quickly, offer them the best experience, and ultimately close more sales.

Check out the stats!

  • 87% higher conversion rate

  • 14.5% increase in sales productivity

  • 12.2% reduction in marketing costs

  • 68% increase in customer engagement

Case studies

The benefits

  • 50% increase in inbound calls

  • 10% reduced response time

  • 87% increase in conversion rates

  • 50% increase in inbound calls

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How to set Lead Routing in LimeCall

Let's set up your Call Routing and IVR witrh easy to follow steps.

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