Customise the appearance of the Widget's design

You may access this by going to Widget

There are 2 Sections were the appearance and design of your Widget can be changed.

Widget > Communication Channels

This is where you choose Widget Theme and Design Type.

You can preview the changes you make to the Widget on the right preview panel, this is a live change which will be displayed once you select 'SAVE'.

There are 3 different themes which can be added to your widget.

You can use it based on your company requirements.

To view the options of each Template in more detail, click HERE

You to add the style of how the Widget should pop up or should slide.

In this section, you can enable the following:

  • Web Calls

  • Schedule Call

  • Contact Form

And customize the customer facing text for each function.

Once you turn on the 'Web Call' option to ON and also turn ON all the options like Name, Email, Team.

The widget will change the look and also if the web visitor updates all this information, you have the complete information to add it to your Leads.

See how the preview in the right hand side changes once you turn the Name, Email, Team to ON.

Once you turn on the Call Me Back option it would reflect on the Widget.

Look into the changes we have on the right hand side once we turn on the Name, Email, Team.

The header text and the Button Text can be fully customized.

Next option is 'Appointment Scheduling'

We can also change the option for the Web Visitor to leave a message.

Turn on the Contact Form option and view the Widget options on the Right hand side as shown in the below screenshot.

You can also add Social Proof, Legal information and Privacy Note as per the requirement by turning it on and updating the information in the spaces provided.

Widget > Style Your Widget

Here you can change the Font, Color and Customer Facing Text of your Widget.

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

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