🆕Adding Social & External Links

Adding social and external links to your widget is a great way to make it more informative and useful for your visitors. It also allows you to drive traffic to your messaging apps, website pages and other sites.

This feature is exclusively for the Ultimate theme widget!

You will need to:

  • Go to "Widget"

  • Open "Social & External Links"

  • Identify the platforms and websites that you want to link to.

  • Enter the information required to link your account

  • Select "Visible on widget".

To test your newly added channel, select "Widget Preview" displayed in the header menu.

Additional external links including SMS and email will appear in the first field of your widget as shown.

The Ultimate theme allows users to add additional external links that will appear as shown on the widget.

Fully customise the display text to each placeholder for your external links, and allows you to further enhance the engagement of your site visitors!

Link your reviews page, promos, offers, deals, demos, product updates, the possibilities our endless!

Choose a link that will drive conversion, showccase your brand, or provide your site visitors useful information.

To add the placeholder external links, you will need to:

  • Go to "Widget"

  • Open "Customize your widget"

  • Select "Ultimate" theme

  • Add text to "Custom Link 1"

  • Add URL to "Custom Link 1"

  • Select "Visible"

  • Select "Save"

Repeat these steps to add a further Custom Link.

By following these tips, you can use social and external links to create a more effective and engaging widget for your website.

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