Making A Call From The Dialer

Here's how to make a call from the LimeCall Dialer

Making a call from your LimeCall Dialer on any device or browser couldn't be easier! Let's check out the two types of call that can be placed, 'Call' and 'Callback' using the Dialer, you can also schedule calls directly from the dialer.

Let's take a look...

Open the Dialer and sign into your account

  • Call

To place a direct call from your LimeCall number, select the 'call' icon.

The Keypad will open.

If you have multiple numbers with LimeCall, you can easily switch between them when calling by selecting the 'Via' drop down box. For example, you wish to call US to US or UK to UK.

Dial the number you wish to call and click connect

  • Call Back

First, we'll call your phone. Once you answer, we'll call the customer's phone. From their perspective, it's like you called directly from your company number.

Select the 'Call Back' icon

Select the team member and enter the number you wish to call.

  • Schedule A Call

Schedule a call by opening the contact, select the 'Schedule A Call' icon

Enter the call schedule details and select 'proceed'

Important Information

You must ensure your account has available Call Credit to place calls.

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or​

Or visit our YouTube Channel for Supporting Videos

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