Compliance Requirements

To ensure your account remains compliant with messaging policies and phone carrier guidelines, LimeCall will automatically append two crucial components to qualifying messages:

  1. Sender ID: This represents your business name or brand, aiding in identifying yourself to recipients.

  2. Opt-out Language: For instance, "Reply STOP to quit."

💬 Carrier guidelines mandate that qualifying messages are: a) First-time, initial outbound SMS messages to a contact. b) Outbound messages devoid of opt-out language within a 30-day period within the conversation.

If a qualifying message already contains your Sender ID (business name) and the STOP opt-out keyword in all caps, LimeCall won't append this template. Refer to the FAQ below for more details.

If a contact opts out, they'll receive a text message instructing them on how to opt back in with the keyword START. While LimeCall won't display the reply message, it will appear as per the contact's response.

If a qualifying message lacks your business ID or opt-out language, LimeCall will append the template: [Sender ID: Opt-out language]. Refer to the example below, using LimeCall's organization as an instance. Your organization will feature its unique Sender ID.

Updating Sender IDs for Your Organization

Your organization might possess one or multiple inboxes (i.e., phone numbers), necessitating a unique Sender ID for each inbox. Follow the steps below to verify that the Sender ID listed in each inbox is accurate:

👉 Click here to update Sender IDs for your organization

From your organization's dashboard, scroll down to the 'Accounts Summary' table. Review the name of each inbox under the Sender ID column. Click on 'Update' to modify the Sender ID for each specific inbox. The Sender ID must align with the name of your organization that a customer opted in to receive messages from.

Alternatively, access your Sender ID and opt-out language under Settings within each individual inbox. Navigate to Company Info under Team Settings and scroll down to 'TCPA Compliance' to edit.


What qualifies as a qualifying message? A qualifying message encompasses all first-time outbound SMS messages to a new contact. Additionally, any outbound messages devoid of opt-out language within a 30-day period within the conversation are considered qualifying messages.

When do qualifying messages apply? Qualifying messages are applicable to SMS Broadcasts, APIs, 1-on-1 conversations, Surveys, Campaigns, Keywords, and WhatsApp messages. However, Live Chat messages are exempt from qualifying message criteria.

Why is this important? End users desire clarity regarding the sender's identity and options available if they choose not to engage. It's essential and mandated by phone carriers for organizations to identify themselves and provide opt-out options for end users.

What constitutes the compliance template? The compliance template comprises two components: your organization name (e.g., Display name, Sender ID, business or brand name sending the message) and opt-out instructions.

Do I need to manually add this compliance template? No, LimeCall automatically manages this entire process for all customers. However, if your qualifying message already contains the Sender ID and the word STOP with instructions, LimeCall will not append the template.

Are opt-out instructions customizable per inbox? Yes, you can customize the name of your organization (e.g., Display name/Sender ID) and the wording of the opt-out instructions (e.g., STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT).

Do I need to update the Sender ID for each individual inbox? If each individual inbox represents a different entity (e.g., a parent company with several child companies), you'll need to update each Sender ID. However, if each inbox serves different purposes but falls under one organization, updating the Sender ID for each individual inbox may not be necessary.

Who can edit the Sender ID or customize opt-out instructions? Only LimeCall users with permissions to edit settings can make these updates. Contact your administrator if you're unable to make changes.

Will the compliance template increase character or segment count? Yes, the compliance template will increase the message's character count and may increase the number of segments sent, but only for qualifying messages. Users with management permissions can update the content of the compliance template.

How often will this compliance template be included? LimeCall automatically embeds the compliance template to any qualifying messages every 30 days, unless the Sender ID and opt-out instructions are already included in your message.

Can the compliance template be sent separately? No, the compliance template must be included in the initial outbound message and not as a second message.

What if 'STOP' is already in my message? Will the compliance template still be added? If your original message already contains 'STOP' (in all caps), the opt-out portion of the compliance template will not be embedded at the end. However, if the message lacks the Sender ID, it will be appended.

What if I already have the Sender ID written in my message? If your qualifying message already includes your business name, LimeCall will not append the Sender ID. However, it must be an exact match between the Sender ID in your message and the one stored in your inbox settings.

What if I already have both a matching Sender ID and 'STOP' in all caps in my message? In such cases, LimeCall will not append either component to the compliance template as your qualifying message is already compliant.

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