Send bulk SMS

Here you will find how to send bulk SMS and create campaigns.

Creating, sending and managing bulk SMS is simple and easy to start.

Once you've created a list of recipients, you can begin your campaign!

To start, go to Campaigns

In the Campaign Tab, select Send from the left menu panel.

Let's begin!

Name your campaign to easily identify and track the results.

Select which list (group of contacts) you'll be sending the campaign to.

Select which number you wish to send your campaign from.

Compose your campaign message, the preview with be shown of how your recipients will receive it.

Add useful automations to personalize your campaign messages, including name, email, company name and meeting link.

You can add a URL to allow tracking

Create and use templates.

Once completed, you can 'SEND NOW' or 'SCHEDULE FOR LATER'.

ALL DONE! Your first campaign is sent!

To learn how you can track your campaign results go to 'Track campaigns'

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

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