A guide to your Campaign Page

SMS Campaigns have become an extremely valuable direct channel of marketing and communications for businesses to their customers

This section explains how to complete the following:

  1. Create and manage lists

  2. Sending bulk SMS

  3. Track campaigns

Here's a complete walk through of your Campaigns page.

Create and manage lists

Creating and managing 'lists' allows you to create specific lists or groups of contacts and create specific targeted campaigns accordingly.

Before beginning a campaign, create a list of the contacts you wish to include.

To start, go to Contacts

Select the contacts you wish to add to your list and select '+ ADD TO GROUP'

Create a 'List Name' and click 'SAVE'.

Your new List will appear here in the 'Groups' section within your Contacts Tab.

This can be updated at any time.

You can also import contacts, groups or lists using 'IMPORT'.

Bulk Edit Lists by 'EXPORTING', edit the List and 'IMPORT' your updates.

When you begin your new Campaign, your created list will appear in the 'SEND TO' dropdown box in your Campaign Tab.

Sending bulk SMS

Creating, sending and managing bulk SMS is simple and easy to start.

Once you've created a list of recipients, you can begin your campaign!

To start, go to Campaigns

In the Campaign Tab, select Send from the left menu panel.

Let's begin!

Name your campaign to easily identify and track the results.

Select which list (group of contacts) you'll be sending the campaign to.

Select which number you wish to send your campaign from.

Compose your campaign message, the preview with be shown of how your recipients will receive it.

Add useful automations to personalize your campaign messages, including name, email, company name and meeting link.

You can add a URL to allow tracking

Create and use templates.

Once completed, you can 'SEND NOW' or 'SCHEDULE FOR LATER'.

ALL DONE! Your first campaign is sent!

To learn how you can track your campaign results go to Track campaigns

Track campaigns

Track the results of each individual campaign!

To start, go to Dashboard > Campaigns > History

Campaign History shows the following:

Date Created - Campaign creation date

Status - Campaign status - Sent / Scheduled

Name - Details of campaign

Recipients - Total number of recipients

Delivered - Successfully delivered messages

Failed - Failed messages

Cancelled - Cancelled messages

Pending - Messages not yet sent.

Actions - Print Campaign Report

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