Audit Log

Here we will a guide to your audit log and its' benefits

LimeCall's Audit Logs enable you to maintain compliance by proving whether certain actions have been performed. Having the ability to retrieve the sequence of changes that a particular user’s initiated, or which occurred on a specific day.

Another side to audit logs and compliance is the ability to provide legal evidence that breaches have occurred. Without audit logs, breaches could go undetected for months or years, and any signs of their existence might be non-conclusive. A detailed audit trail informs when customers and regulators need to be notified. It can prove to insurers that a breach did occur or defend a lawsuit by demonstrating your system’s integrity.

Audit logs also allow you to reconstruct the events that led up to unexpected behavior or a security breach. After observing an issue, you can access the audit log and repeat the actions it’s recorded in a fresh development environment. This can help reproduce the bug and identify how attackers gained access. Audit logs don’t usually contain precise technical data, however, as they’re focused on answering business queries about who did what in the system. Application-level logs are still required to reveal the specific code paths that handled a user action.

Finally, LimeCall's audit log allows you to identify key actions of your teams and users.

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