Setting up your profile

Quick and easy steps to set your profile and personal information.

In this Section you'll find how to:

  1. Set up your Personal Information

  2. Change password

  3. Setup your Working Hours

  4. Setup your Forwarding Numbers

  5. Setup your Notifications

  6. Sync Your Calendar

Let's get started...

Step 1 : Setup Your Profile

Here you can add your profile picture, company name, and company logo

Go to Settings > Personal > Account

Step 2 : Change your Password

Here you can update your password

Go to Settings > Change Password

Step 3 :

Here you can update the following:

  1. Update your business hours, you can let people know what time you are working and what time you are available for taking calls.

  2. Update your Time Zone

  3. Update days off, breaks and holidays

Go to Settings > Personal > Working Hours

Go to Settings > Working Hours > Days Off & Breaks

Step 4 : Setup your Forwarding Numbers

You can add / update forwarding numbers from here, a forwarding number is a number on which you would like to receive the calls.

Also you can enable the option to Receive Calls In Browser from here.

Go to Settings > Personal > Call Forwarding

Step 5 : Setup your Notifications

Here you can make sure that the agent has enabled all the required notifications from profile settings

Go to Settings > Personal > Notifications

Step 6 : Sync your Calendar

Go to Settings > Personal > Calendars


You will directed to sign into the Google Account. Select the account for vthe Calendar you wish to sync.

Click 'Allow' and you're ALL SET!

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or

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