Tags and Segments

Here you will add Tags and organize leads with LimeCall.

We will take adding Tags to Leads within your LimeCall Dashboard.

Create your Tags and Segments for Leads

This can be done by going to Dashboard > Settings > Lead Qualification

Here you can create and define Tags and Lead Segments for your Lead Score, Lead Stage and Defined Interests.

Once you have defined the various Tags, Segments and Stages your Leads undertake you can apply then to each lead, organize and filter accordingly.

This can be done on the Lead Section of your Dashboard, or within the Lead Preview or Full Profile.

Once you have defined Stages and Segments, they will automatically be displayed as options for your Leads.

New Tags and Segments can be added at any time.

If you need any further assistance please contact our Support Team via Live Chat or support@limecall.com

Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

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