Business or Additional Number

What is a business or additional phone number?

We're more interconnected than ever before, thanks to multi online-oriented communication. Therefore, it’s only logical to have a business phone number which is no longer a luxury. Without a business phone number, your clients will doubt your level of professionalism. This may result in your reflect negatively on your brand's image, regardless of the quality of your goods or services. Additional numbers are greatly advantageous, as it provides customers or leads with a geo-located number they can reach you on. Also the cost benefits for your business are huge!

Not yet convinced what an asset business or additional number are to your business? Let's explore this more...

Why should you use Business or additional numbers?

Getting a business phone number is one of the most important marketing and operational decisions that any business owner can make. A separate business line makes it easy to keep in touch with customers and suppliers, adds features to your phone system not available on consumer lines, and improves the professionalism of your business.

Acquiring a business or additional number is an essential part of growth within a business, the benefits of this far exceed the minimal cost to implement.

  • Increase business or brand image dramatically

  • Customer experience increases by providing a localized number

  • Greatly reduce your costs of calling

  • Interact direct with customers via SMS

  • Professional voicemail

Check out the stats!

  • 60% of customers prefer calling a localized number

  • 91% of consumers will connect with a brand using a business number

  • 93% of consumers trust text messaging as a communication channel

  • 98% Business SMS open rate. Higher than ANY other channel

Case studies

The benefits!

  • Increased lead generation and customer engagement

  • Mobility, portability, reliability, and scalability

  • Business call features

  • Ease of transition

  • Sound quality

  • Local coverage

  • Remote work

  • Integrations

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How to get a LimeCall addition number?

Purchase additional numbers for your account direct from your Dashboard.

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