A guide to your Leads Page

Here's a complete walk through of your LimeCall Leads Page, how to manage and qualify them.

Our system currently has the following classification for inbound calls/leads

  1. Leads - Any inbound phone calls, web calls, contact messages or lead form submissions are classified as leads.

  2. Schedule Calls - Any meetings or calls scheduled through the 'call me later' option on the widget.

  3. Outbound Calls - All phone calls dialed from the platform is shown in the outbound calls tab.

We will take a close look at all aspects and functions of the Lead View within your Dashboard.

To view and manage all aspects of your Lead's journey, go to:

Dashboard > Leads

Lead Management

View Calls and Outbound Calls.

Calls can be filtered into Missed, Answered, Voicemails and All providing an overview of all leads.

The Filter panel gives an overview of your leads status.

Your Leads - Leads that have been assigned to you.

Unassigned - Leads yet to be assigned to a Team Member

All Assigned - All Leads assigned to Team Members

New - New Leads

Closed - Leads your have closed

Bad Fit - Leads that are not suitable

Favorites - Leads you have marked as favorites

You can are able to filter the view by Lead Owner, Agent, Call Type, Lead Score etc.

View each Lead at a glance with Date, Contact, Source, Owner, Qualification, Call Info including Call Recording Playback, Tags and Actions.

Lead Preview

Preview each Lead with a detailed insight at an immediate glance.

This allows you to multiple 'Quick Actions' depending on the Lead.

Quick Actions include Owner, Lead Score, Lead Interest, Lead Status, Lead Stage and Tags.

All of which can be instantly updated as your team connect with the Lead.

One click to Call, Callback or Send SMS.

View all Lead information including Lead Form & Data, Insights, Activities and Timeline to better make informed decisions.

Team can add additional notes directly from the Preview Panel.

Full Lead Profile

To view a Lead's Full Profile select the Lead Preview button, and select 'Full Profile.

Full Lead Profile provides a complete details view of each Lead.

Qualify the Lead as a Good or Bad fit.

You are able to Share the Lead, and change Owner, Score, Interest, Status, Lead Stage and Tags.

Add additional Tags to track your Leads.

All Lead activities, calls, emails, SMS, Logs and Team Updates.

Drop down sections allow you to quickly view Call Logs, Contact Info, Agent Feedback, Insight Info, Lead Device Data, UTM Info and a complete Customer Journey Summary.

LimeCall's Lead Section allows your team complete control at every stage, in each view.

Lead Qualification

This can be done through various views within your LimeCall Web Dashboard, Agent Dashboard, Android App and Chrome Extension.


In the Main Lead View using the Qualification Drop Down, simple select from the options, automatically updating the Lead's Status.

Lead Preview

In the Preview Panel, you can update and qualify a Lead depending on the outcome of the conversation or data provided.

Full Lead View

In the Lead Full Profile you can update and qualify a Lead depending on the outcome of the conversation or data provided.

Once a Lead is qualified, you are able to filter and view Leads according to preference.

You are able to update the qualification status of leads at any time and assign them to the relevant user or teams.

Lead Filtering

View Calls, Leads, Scheduled Call, Outbound Calls, Missed Calls, Answered Calls and All Calls.

You can also filter Leads down by date as shown.

A Quick Filer View allows you to view Your Leads, Unassigned, All Assigned, New, Closed, Bad Fit and Favorites.

You can are able to filter the view by Lead Owner, Agent, Call Type, Lead Score etc.

Each filter allows you to perfectly view and organize your leads according to your preferences.

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