A guide to your Analytics Page

Here's where you can track performance metrics.

Do more than count calls and make smarter marketing decisions using the real-time analytics page. LimeCall tracks all metrics, so you can see for certain which of your campaigns are performing well

Your Analytics page keeps track of all your performance metrics, helping your sales team get a holistic picture of how their strategy is playing out.

View the Type of Leads you are getting including:

  • Calls

  • Forms

  • Chats

  • Callback

  • Webhook

  • Messages

  • Emails

View Leads By Type and filter the view by date range.

Track the type of lead and view a comparison between channels.

Instantly view Leads by Status, allow your teams to plan and execute sales activity with clear objectives based on real-time data.

View your businesses Conversion Rate, Quote Values and Total Sales, ensuring performance targets are met.

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