Managing Leads

Here's how to manage the leads using LimeCall's Admin Web Dashboard

Go to Manage Leads

Here you will find all leads. Both incoming and outgoing calls.

Filter by date, owner, agent, team, score, type, qualification status, call status and tags.

Sort by and search for specific leads.

View leads by:

  • Pending - Leads not yet assigned

  • Assigned - Leads assigned to an user or team

  • Closed - Leads that has been closed

  • All - View all leads

Lead Overview

Shows the Lead ID, Time + Date, Contact, Source of Leads, Owner, Call Info, Tags, Lead Status, and Actions.

Select the 'preview' button to open the Quick View lead window.

Instantly view all lead data, let's take a closer look..

View the leads contact info, and connect using the 'quick action buttons, selecting, call, callback and sms.

View historical call summary, including answered, missed and outgoing calls.

Manage the Qualification process of the leads, including, assigning the lead to a user or team, score, interest, status, stage, type and value of the lead.

Instantly mark the lead as spam, delete, favorite or share the lead with your team.

View all valuable lead data, including the location of the lead and contact information.

Add notes, view insights, lead activities, and timeline, which includes call logs and customer journey.

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Watch our each step of our Quick Tutorial HERE

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