Outbound calls are not connecting

Trying to make an outgoing call and having issues connecting?

Let's look at the possible reasons and ways to resolve the issue.

Connection problems

As a VOIP phone, LimeCall requires a strong internet connection, either WiFi or data, to work properly. If you do not have a reliable connection, you may not be able to make outgoing calls. In this case, we recommend that you switch to another internet source (e.g. from WiFi to data or vice versa)

if you are using WiFi, reset your router.

It is also possible that a third-party extension, firewall or VPN is blocking your connection. Try disabling them to see if this fixes the problem.

You can easily determine if a connection issue is causing your problem by checking your call logs in another the LimeCall Dialer on another device.

You can check to see if the failed outgoing call was registered in the web or desktop app. If you do not see a call log history, there is a connection problem that is preventing you from making a call.

If you see a call log history, the problem is elsewhere. The destination you are calling is busy or unavailable Although we do our best to display error messages as to why a call is failing, sometimes we do not receive an error message from the other provider.

In these cases, it is possible that the number is unavailable or temporarily unable to take calls. It is also possible that the destination has blocked your number.

If you can only call some numbers but not all, the cause of the problem is probably the number you are calling. Please check the number and make sure it is reachable before calling again.

Check for LimeCall problems

While it's unusual, if we are having trouble connecting outgoing calls to some or all carriers, we'll let you know right away. You can also view all historical incidents on our status page.

LimeCall Support

If you have ruled out the above possible causes of the problem, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will be happy to help you clarify the problem.

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